Camilia Dallali Painter


Camilia Dallali 


 visual artist

Landscapes of the soul

I am fascinated by people. Who are they, what drives them, what’s on their mind, what are they waiting for?

Why is our soul the way it is? Is it subject to social and cultural construction, nature or nurture? Painting peoples portrait is an attempt to understands ones soul.

Most portraits are not random people but people with  great significance in my life. Could be ancestors but friends and child too. And not all were loving or living connections. By painting the most hurtful ones, I also re-write the way they’re stored in my memory.

Camilia Dallali


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According to Plato the soul (psyche) is composed of three main faculties – the appetitive (epithumetikon), the spirited (thumoeides), and the logical (logistikon).

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